A week of our new daughter {with Impossible Project Polaroids}

On March 16th, Courtney gave birth to our first child: a beautiful baby girl! This first seven days have been nothing short of amazing. The joy one feels when you first see your own child is like no other emotion I have ever felt. While there will be more images, pics, snap shots, and me setting up lights to come, I wanted to shoot a polaroid a day for our baby girl. Below is are a few polaroids that I have shot this past week with at least one image per day of our daughter. So, for now, consider this a sneak-peek into the new life our our daughter: Avellana Jolie de Jauregui.

All images taken with a variety of Polaroid SX-70s using Impossible Project instant films: PX-70  Push, PX-70, PX-70 {Dec/11 batch}