We are 3 {it's our wedding anniversary}

Today is our anniversary. After 17 years of friendship, 13 years of love, we celebrate our 3rd year of marriage today. This is my favorite photo of all. We didn't hire a photographer so to speak, we had all our photographer friends just shoot as they wish... why would we want some annoying person follow us around all night?   ;) haha Anyways...It is not beautiful, it is not artsy, it is not dreamy, but it is perfect! It captures what a wedding is all about. Just look at all our family & loved ones smiling, crying, laughing... just pure joy in all their faces! Our love was shared in front of our closest family and friends and this is what it is all about. (lean into your computer to look closely they are all smiling I just love it!!!)

Sure we spent time planning, sure we took on WAY to many DIY projects, sure we (actually I) splurged on a dress and my must have Sevres plates, sure we regret not hiring a DJ, but when we think of our wedding it makes us happy.

Here is what I remember most.

1. I got really sunburnt the day before while taking a drive in my new convertible in complete bliss knowing I was getting married the next day. (my amazing makeup artist covered it up- so good) 2. Erin deciding to ride his skateboard for the first time in 5 years that morning and I felt 16 again with a big crush :) 3. No matter how tired we were, Erin and I set our alarm early in the morning of our wedding to take a walk and go out for breakfast. This was my absolute favorite moment waking up together knowing we were about to become husband and wife. SERIOUSLY the best thing. 4. My friends and family giving their love and time to completely set up the venue to make it gorgeous. 5. Making a bucket of sangria in my pre-party wedding dress with my hair and makeup all done. Only to have my "queen of sangria" college friend tell me to "move out of the way crazy bride" and let her do it! 6. Finding out our caterers had a secret stash of cosmopolitans in the back for me (and them) :) 7. Having a freak out about not being able artistically and articulately say my own vows so we skipped it and did the traditional vows (please see number 22 below) 8. Chatting with my maid of honor and not even knowing the processional had started until I heard "My" song and running down the stairs laughing. 9. Erin's smile as I came down the isle. 10. My friends gasping in love at my dress. :) 11. Erin's very cheerful and loud "I Do" 12. My completely happy choked-up, vein popping out of my head, red faced, crying, head nod "I do" 13. Our Kiss and then another kiss. 14. Hearing my mom laugh and say "they won't stop kissing" 15. Constantly loosing my drink 16. Sitting at our table and absorbing the love, beauty, joy and fun. 17. The food! The food! The food!. 18. Our first dance- a swaying hug. (pic below) 19. Being sandwiched on the dance floor by a circle of my sweaty dancing friends. 20. Taking a moment together outside from our guests for a pic and snuggle. (pic below) 21. Staying for 30 minutes by ourselves after all our guests left, to absorb the venue, talk, kiss, just not wanting it to end. 22. Finally saying the vows we wrote originally that night privately to each other in our hotel room and staying up until 5am.

So many more.... but everything just warms our hearts when we think of it. Happy anniversary to us.

I love you Erin.