Picnic + a kite {Engagement Session}

As we start to catch up from all the whoas of life...we will have a ton of posts for you! We will be shooting this lovely couple's wedding next weekend in the Bay Area and we are so excited. It will be a marvelous black tie affaire and we will get to feel the cool fresh breeze of SF on our faces. Can't wait!  I (courtney) also made this kite! It was spur of the moment and I think it turned out great. Although not sure if it will fly as there was nooo wind, but looked quite cute with them holding it!  No, they aren't models but they sure do look like it!  :) Make sure you scroll to the end to see the little furry friend that sat down beside them.

A lovely night shot by Erin! So True blood (actually I don't know, I don't watch the show....yet)

little miss muffet....