Another Peek {expired film fun}

Now that our life seems to finally feel back on track and all of our 2010 weddings are done and delivered, we have had a chance to evaluate our work flow for 2011.  This equals more time for us, more time for life, and more fun photos for our clients. We are doing more experimenting, buying loads of fun "write off-able" toys, and really making it a point to enjoy ALL aspects of our business. To start we have been adding back in more film. We aren't switching completely to film as we LOVE digital. We just both love medium format cameras (we are still debating which one we want to buy), Holgas, and polaroids. We want to make more effort to stay creative in our approach, knowledgeable on the benefits of using film in certain situations, and make sure we always approach everyone's wedding in a way that brings out the individuality and beauty of each couple. We feel that by shooting with different cameras and different formats will really keep us on our toes, enhance our style and ascetic, utilized the best of both digital and film,  and keep all our clients weddings constantly fresh and lovely. Even though we have about a million blog posts to do still from our past weddings/ shoots in 2010, that we are soooo excited to share, we wanted to show another peek into the first 2011 wedding we shot. These were shot with 6+ year old expired Kodak 160VC  hence the purple color edging (we think:) ) on a Mamiya 645.  Now, we more then likely won't use expired film very often, so it can be more predictable, it can sure do some rad stuff.

Stayed tuned for some awesome weddings of 2010 past and more from this lovely.