The biggest news {and it is THAT news}

Yes, I am pregnant! We are going to have a baby. A beautiful baby. The baby we have been waiting for is finally made it's way to us. I posted this last year about our losses, so we are over the moon knowing that this one is growing strong and healthy. I am just a day short of 16 weeks and today we heard the heartbeat for the first time. Such a wonderful sound.  Erin recorded it while we were in the Doctor's office today. Thought you might want to hear it. little de Jauregui heartbeat

We have decided not to find out the sex of the baby. There are a few joyous surprises in life and we want to soak this one up. I am sure the doctor will slip about the sex and we will have a good idea as the pregnancy progresses, but we like suspense, and I LOVE surprises. We are just so grateful that "it" is growing in my belly, making me as sick as a dog and as useful as slow loris, and if I have to use all the baby girl hand-me-downs from my sisters and we have a boy, well, who cares.  A happy, healthy, giggly, little boy in a pink onesie sounds divine!  If anyone wants to take a guess at the sex, feel free!

We are so excited to share this news.

xo Erin and Courtney