Amy + Chris {engagement session plus a bit of the wedding}

Here is a post that is not of our daughter!  A lovely couple whose engagement photos we shot while I was pregnant back in January and the wedding this past July. Both equally lovely and fun!

Here is some of our favorites from their wedding!!

Mix of Film and Digital

Two from the road {so to speak}

For the past two weeks or so, we {as in the whole family} have been on the road. First to SF to photograph a couple from Boston. Then to Woodside {between Santa Cruz and Palo Alto} to photograph their wedding. Then off to visit family in Sacramento, Cave Junction {Oregon}, and down to Tulare on the way home. Nearly two thousand miles in the car! Avi was such a trooper. Anyways, the point of all of this is to show a pair of pics. One of the couple in SF, and then an end of the night shot showcasing the amazing view of Thomas Fogarty Winery {where the couple was married}. Enjoy


Danielle + David {SF engagement session}

We miss the Fog of San Francisco so much so, that doing an early morning engagement session during the Fall in the wet drizzle of the Outer Sunset District made us nothing but happy. Danielle and David are a rad couple who had a beautiful Carmel wedding in February that we will share soon. I added two more from it at the bottom of the post...   Two beauties from their Big Day.

Digital + Film: 5D, H2, Yashica, Kodak Portra 800, Ilford 3200

Courtney + Ryan {engagement session}

We had the pleasure of shooting Courtney and Ryan's engagement session up in SF last fall. It was a typical foggy day in SF but we loved it for the photos. The light is just beautifully diffused. Unfortunately we won't be shooting these love birds wedding since they are so so so in love they decided they couldn't wait another 8months for the wedding, so they ran off and eloped! How romantic, right? We wish them all the best in life and love and enjoyed being part of this little snippet of their journey. Cameras used: Canon 5D MkII, Hasselblad H2 (film), Yashica 124G (film). Film used: Kodak Portra 400,800, Ilford Delta 3200

Layne + Povey {engagement session plus a little snippet of their wedding}

I think it has rained a total of 4 days in LA this year and one of the days was on this engagement session. The only day they could shoot. So we just had fun with it! Of course as always stopped for a drink!  The wedding of course was absolutely stunning, so scroll to the bottom to see a rather large peek of it!! So for a snippet of the beautiful wedding we shot on Feb 4th the first of our 2012 weddings! Big thanks to Jen Lauren Grant and her hubby for the help as I was 36 weeks pregnant at this wedding. Please do not reblog this wedding or use any of the photos without permission!Ummmmm this cake room was insane!!! 


Katie + Justin {engagement session plus a wedding sneak}

First they had a super cute engagement session, then they had an awesome Downtown Los Angeles wedding!!! We will share more soon. The wedding!Mix of Digital and Film. Cameras used: 5DmkII, Hasselblad H2, Yashica 124G, EOS1V. Film: Kodak Portra 400, 800, Ilford Delta 3200

Charisse + Justin {engagement session}

As 2012 begins we have been busy trying to finish up all our shoots from 2011. We still have so much to share from 2011 that if we didn't watch the ball drop on TV New years eve and give each other a big smooch, we would still think it's 2011. But with 2012 here we know that our life is about to change forever and in 2 months that forever will be cradled in our arms! AHHHH!!! But as we putter on and attempt to nest our house and finish all the remainder of our editing and album designs, we want to make sure we start our 2012 goal of blogging full posts twice a week. (well march and april omitted for baby leave) Luckily we have about 20 shoots from 2011 right now lined up to share, so the goal of more blogging might come to life....

To start of the new years we will feature  some beautiful engagement sessions from the summer and fall. Charisse and Justin are a perfect couple to start with, as we will also be featuring their beautiful wedding in a few weeks! Enjoy the photos!

Mix of Digital and Film. Cameras used: 5DmkII, Hasselblad H2, Film: Kodak Portra 400, 160,

Here is my absolute favorite from their wedding taken just after the ceremony!

Christina + Dan {engagement session}

Atlanta is beautiful!! And these two are awesome. I can't believe we are finally getting around to doing this blog post, we have sooooo much to share it's crazy! We shot this back in June when we had our whirlwind trip around the east coast. It was so nice to meet these two and get to know them before we go back to Atlanta in April for the wedding. It will be our first wedding since having the baby and I seriously can't wait. The baby will be our own little traveling Gnome :) Christina designs beautiful jewelry check it out here! She also has fabulous taste so I am sure the wedding will be amazing!! oh and in keeping with the pet theme.... They are as obsessed with their cat as we are with ours... Since we couldn't bring it to the shoot they sent us a photo of the cat and we added it in for fun. We left it Godzilla sized for a dramatic effect. :)

Molly + Jake {engagement session}

I thought since the last post involved the couple's dog, I would continue on the pet theme and grooms named Jake theme. Meet Molly, Jake and their 25 pound cat!!  These two are HILARIOUS!! Not sure how we managed to get one photo since we were laughing so hard.  We will be shooting their wedding this Saturday in Palm Springs, and then taking a much needed 3 day R&R throughTuesday. My ever growing pregnant body is struggling sitting at this desk 10 hours a day. (although we will still have the laptop for simple editing by the pool) If their wedding is as fun as their e-shoot we are in for some serious trouble! :)  The photos above and below makes us laugh every time!Jake took our pic while we were shooting because we look so crazy all up in their faces!

Jessica + Jake {engagement session}

Such a great session with these two! We always love when our couples want to include their pets. We shot both at their house and at the public gardens down the street from their house. We are really looking forward to their wedding coming next June in Ojai! :)

Euri + John {engagement session and wedding sneak peek}

We are off again to our last out of state wedding for 2011 on friday so I want to fill up the blog before we leave. Euri and John's engagement session was pretty awesome since a fireman offered to let us take pics with the truck! :) We have since shot their wedding as well and wanted to add in the sneak of it too. And they looked just as stunning on their wedding day and everything turned out beautiful. Enjoy the photos. Hopefully we will get one more post up before we leave... Lots of sneak peeks to show you...

Greg + Shira {engagement session and wedding sneak peek}

One word that comes to mind about these two... FUN!! and More FUN!! Both the engagement session and especially the wedding blew us away by how great these two are! We love them :) More wedding soon!

Nellie + Jeff {Engagement Session}

With so many shoots and travels in between, it is hard to keep up with our blog postings as of late. But today, we are happy to share Nellie and Jeff's engagement session. What started as a fun picnic ended with Jeff in his Army dress green uniform. It is always so great when we can honor our military clients and the love they share with their future brides. Can't wait to hang with them again on their wedding day this coming October!