Avellana weeks 6 and 7 {on instant film}

Still shooting a Polaroid a day of our little Avi! It is so crazy to watch her grow. Just the other day when we put her into her carseat, her legs look so much longer. She is also starting to smile much more beyond her sleep. It is such a great feeling to have your daughter laugh. I hope she grows up a happy child. Avi was also visited by Punam Bean's Uma! Last weekend I couldn't put up my weekly post as we where traveling and shooting in Atlanta. She was such a good traveler barely making a peep on the plane. We stayed at a cool B&B called the Social Goat where she got to meet Sherman. Let's hope she keeps it up as the happy traveler because we have a trip to Hawaii and two to NYC this summer. At this rate, she'll be more traveled by the time she is two than I was when I was twenty two!


All images taken on a variety of Polaroid SX-70 cameras. All images taken on Impossible Project PX70 (12/11) with the exception of the image in the middle of the bottom row. Bottom row middle image taken with Polaroid Artistic TZ. Film courtesy of Lane Dittoe.