Christina + Dan {engagement session}

Atlanta is beautiful!! And these two are awesome. I can't believe we are finally getting around to doing this blog post, we have sooooo much to share it's crazy! We shot this back in June when we had our whirlwind trip around the east coast. It was so nice to meet these two and get to know them before we go back to Atlanta in April for the wedding. It will be our first wedding since having the baby and I seriously can't wait. The baby will be our own little traveling Gnome :) Christina designs beautiful jewelry check it out here! She also has fabulous taste so I am sure the wedding will be amazing!! oh and in keeping with the pet theme.... They are as obsessed with their cat as we are with ours... Since we couldn't bring it to the shoot they sent us a photo of the cat and we added it in for fun. We left it Godzilla sized for a dramatic effect. :)