Avellana Weeks 12 and 13 in Polaroid

Two more weeks of Avi Polaroids! Had a quick trip to Hawaii for a wedding. She is such an amazing flyer. So many comments from fellow travelers who were impressed on how well she does on a plane. Hope she continues as we still have two drives to NorCal and two flights to NYC this year!

Week 12


All images taken with various SX-70 Cameras with Polaroid and Impossible Project instant film: PX70 Cool, PX100 Cool, Px70 Push, and Polaroid Artistic TZ

Kauai Bliss {sneak peek}

Okay, loads of sneak peeks I know, but as we edit we can't help ourselves....So what makes for a rad Kauai wedding? All this below: Pineapples, shaved ice, floral crowns, peacocks and doves (and chickens LOTS of chickens) colorful shoes, rain of course, walks on a beach, lounging in a hammock, and riding off on a vintage motorcycle. Sweet Kauai bliss.