Fun with the Impossible Project {with a few pregger pics of Courtney}

I can be impulsive when it comes to buying stuff. Especially when it comes to photography stuff. Like so many photographers, when Polaroid announced they were ceasing all film production, I was heart broken. While I wasn't really a huge polaroid guy, I always had a box of Type 55 film with my 4x5 camera. But, Polaroid's decision to discontinue film was my fault. I always assumed they would be around. Polaroid was a staple of Americana. So, I really didn't buy a whole lot of integral film. While Fuji still produced their own pack film for some cameras, others were reduced to be decorations on the shelf. Then came the Impossible Project.

I surprised myself to realize that I actually didn't own any of the folding SX-70 cameras. I had a few Specta and One Step Cameras, but not the classic SX-70. It is an amazing example of simple industrial design: a folding SLR camera. So, knowing the Impossible Project was beginning to start producing film, I decided to buy a SX-70 on eBay. This is where the impulsiveness comes, because I ended up buying four of them. After some failures, frustration, and cameras sent off for service, I am beginning to see some acceptable results. Below are some of the better shots over the past year or so. The bigger images are of Court taken last night with a modified camera and lit with a Canon 580EXII. Two of them are from a pack of film that was left in the car, so there is quite a bit of fogging. But, with many older cameras, you must embrace the chaos.