Moira+Sean {brooklyn at night}

Lots of posts this week as I pound out the editing!! woot woot! More to come tomorrow too. Keep up if you can!!

Sooooo with our flight delayed, canceled, delayed and canceled again our trip to NY was cut short by almost 3 days. (I suppose sideways rain would have ruined sunday anyhow) Our scheduled shoot day on sunday turned into a tuesday night.  But what fun it is shooting at night!!  All available light, gritty , real and perfect. We were able capture a bit of the light left during twilight as the sun went down over NY from the rooftop of Sean's work. Just enough though right? we used a bit of flash for those final moments on the rooftop but then nothing but available light. LOVE IT. We basically just followed them around their neighborhood into a local pub and parted ways on the subway.  We will be shooting their wedding this weekend in Tucson, Arizona- complete opposite as brooklyn at night, and can't wait!!  Enjoy the photos. OH and check out that old school skate  Rat Bones Graffiti! Erin was more impressed with that then this view!! I will have to scan his old Driver's license when he was 17- A Blue haired skater - you'll see why he was so excited! :) I love him.