Avi Week 3 {Impossible Polaroids}

We have had a great three weeks with our little Avi! However, we know that it is now time to get back to work. We have so much to blog it is a bit over whelming. But for now, we'll start off with our weekly post of Avellana captured with our various SX-70s using Impossible Project Polaroids. We hope you enjoy these little glimpses into our little girl's life. Stay tuned for more frequent wedding and engagement postings (along with a few family stuff in between). Happy Easter (and Passover for our Jewish friends)!  

All images taken with Polaroid SX-70 Cameras using various Impossible Project Polaroid films: PX-70 (12/11), PX-70 Push, PX-680 First Flush, and PX-600 Silver Shade.

Week Two of our little Avi {Impossible Polaroids}

Our little Avi is two weeks old. All of this has been an amazing experience. There have been a few challenges (mostly a lack of sleep), but there is also the feeling that you couldn't imagine life with out her. Her birth already seems like yesterday and years ago all at the same time. Here is another batch of Impossible Project Polaroids with at least one image per day of our little girl. We love you Avellana!

All images taken with various Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Some lit with speedlights with umbrellas or the Mint flash. Impossible Project films include: PX-70, PX-70 {12/11 batch}, PX-70 Push, and PX-680 First Flush.

A week of our new daughter {with Impossible Project Polaroids}

On March 16th, Courtney gave birth to our first child: a beautiful baby girl! This first seven days have been nothing short of amazing. The joy one feels when you first see your own child is like no other emotion I have ever felt. While there will be more images, pics, snap shots, and me setting up lights to come, I wanted to shoot a polaroid a day for our baby girl. Below is are a few polaroids that I have shot this past week with at least one image per day of our daughter. So, for now, consider this a sneak-peek into the new life our our daughter: Avellana Jolie de Jauregui.

All images taken with a variety of Polaroid SX-70s using Impossible Project instant films: PX-70  Push, PX-70, PX-70 {Dec/11 batch}

Yet another Polaroid of Courtney {40 weeks + 9 days late}

As we impatiently wait the arrival of our little one, I snapped this quick Polaroid of Courtney enjoying the baby's room. We are looking forward to starting our new life as parents and are grateful for all of the love and support from our family, and friends (many of those friends are amazing couples whose weddings we have shot). Best, -Erin


Taken with a SX-70 Alpha 2 with Impossible Project PX-70 instant film.

Fun with the Impossible Project {with a few pregger pics of Courtney}

I can be impulsive when it comes to buying stuff. Especially when it comes to photography stuff. Like so many photographers, when Polaroid announced they were ceasing all film production, I was heart broken. While I wasn't really a huge polaroid guy, I always had a box of Type 55 film with my 4x5 camera. But, Polaroid's decision to discontinue film was my fault. I always assumed they would be around. Polaroid was a staple of Americana. So, I really didn't buy a whole lot of integral film. While Fuji still produced their own pack film for some cameras, others were reduced to be decorations on the shelf. Then came the Impossible Project.

I surprised myself to realize that I actually didn't own any of the folding SX-70 cameras. I had a few Specta and One Step Cameras, but not the classic SX-70. It is an amazing example of simple industrial design: a folding SLR camera. So, knowing the Impossible Project was beginning to start producing film, I decided to buy a SX-70 on eBay. This is where the impulsiveness comes, because I ended up buying four of them. After some failures, frustration, and cameras sent off for service, I am beginning to see some acceptable results. Below are some of the better shots over the past year or so. The bigger images are of Court taken last night with a modified camera and lit with a Canon 580EXII. Two of them are from a pack of film that was left in the car, so there is quite a bit of fogging. But, with many older cameras, you must embrace the chaos.

Baby Harper {newborn + family}

Since babies seem to completely occupying our minds lately, I thought I should get this shoot up on the blog. Katrina and Nate's wedding almost 2 years ago this February, so we were really excited to see them. (Revisit it here )  We went to their sweet bungalow in Laguna Beach and took photos of little Harper. We seriously love these 2 (now 3!) Baby and family photos are a bit new to us, but I suppose we should get used to it. :)