Our little Avi: Weeks 4 and 5 {Impossible Polaroids}

Didn't get a chance to scan last weeks Impossible Polaroids, so this week we get to show twice the amount of pics! It is so crazy to see how much she is growing. I am really looking forward to to a recap post with a selection of these sometime in the future. It will be interesting to watch her grow on instant film!

All images taken with SX70 cameras using Impossible Project instant film. Films include: PX70 (12/11), PX70 Push, PX600 Silver Shade, and PX680 First Flush. Most images are available light, but some are with the Mint Flash, and Pocketwizards and Speedlites

Week Two of our little Avi {Impossible Polaroids}

Our little Avi is two weeks old. All of this has been an amazing experience. There have been a few challenges (mostly a lack of sleep), but there is also the feeling that you couldn't imagine life with out her. Her birth already seems like yesterday and years ago all at the same time. Here is another batch of Impossible Project Polaroids with at least one image per day of our little girl. We love you Avellana!

All images taken with various Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Some lit with speedlights with umbrellas or the Mint flash. Impossible Project films include: PX-70, PX-70 {12/11 batch}, PX-70 Push, and PX-680 First Flush.

photos {so many to share}

Obviously you can tell we haven't been blogging for a while. We still have 4 weddings to edit, 15 wedding albums to design/order and a baby due in one week with a nursery half put together! So blogging has been put on the back burner for a while. We have weddings from July that I have queued up to share but can't find the time to make all the diptychs, etc. My "future blog post" folder is filled with so many amazing couple's weddings, sweet engagement sessions, and personal work. But with everything going on it has been a near impossible task. I could just blog 10 photos from each, Less is More, right?  But I (courtney) can't!  I just always have to show the whole wedding story from the getting ready to the fun crazy dancing. So that has meant no full wedding posts for a while because, well, I am tired and really pregnant! Erin has taken over with keeping me sane, fed, happy, and in clean clothes.  He has posts regular photos of my belly for you all to see and for each mention of the word pregnant or baby I loose a twitter follower... Since I supposed people follow us for the photography and if we don't keep up with the new posts, and tweet about our cats, food, and babies you get bored....BTW if you want more photo related nerdy  (I mean that in the most sincere way) tweets follow Erin's twitter @dejauregui. So back to the blogging issue. It just seemed like the 2011 wedding season passed by us in a blink of an eye. I have been pregnant since the most intense and busiest months of shooting every weekend and traveling all over (that obviously didn't help with keeping up with work).  So we have blogged only a third of the weddings we shot in 2011, shown a ton of sneak peeks (and I am about to do that again here), never did a year in review and still are finishing the last 2 December weddings (bless those couple's hearts for their amazing patience) Well with a baby due any minute, be prepared to see a bunch of our baby on here before you see another full wedding.

With that I will leave you with a few collages that I quickly made in Two Bright Lights of weddings we will share (I would add "soon" to that but we all know it should say "eventually"). We have  so many more too but I didn't want to spend to long making collages as I have to go back to editing, plus you have seen sneaks of most of the others. You can also view some weddings we haven't blogged yet that were featured on Style Me Pretty this last month. Laura and Will and Charisse and Justin

If you don't see another post after this by next week you will know we have had a baby. :)


Nicole and Andrew's Ranch wedding-Gorgeous!

Katie and Justin's Modern Downtown Los Angeles wedding-Rad Natalie and Jeff's Sweet Garden Wedding- Stunning

Molly and Jake's Colorful Palm Springs Wedding- Ridiculously Awesome

All our couples are so different and their weddings are too. This is what we love and keeps us challenged.  From modern, traditional, funky, classic, dark, light, outside, inside, church, beach, ballroom, silly, serious, you name it, we capture them how we see it, but with THEIR needs and wants in mind and we don't forget that!  We use what ever tool (camera, lenses, lighting, film, digital etc.) we need to use to get the best shot, and in the end  it makes each wedding individual and special.  We hope you see our work in this way too. Each wedding a bit different in style, feel, and look, but still telling a great story of the day!

Laura + Will {sneak peek}

I thought since the last post was a sneak peek of a 2 day wedding, I figured I would put up another sneak of yet another 2 day wedding. :) Plus both brides just have the sweetest fascinators!! Laura and Will's wedding was just beautiful. From the intimate church ceremony and swanky cocktail party after, to the most gorgeous and elegant outdoor wedding in the Temecula Wine country. As always we are working like crazy to finish all the weddings before we get them fully blogged so hope these little sneaks keep you coming back for more. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  

Day one: The perfect traditional Alter shot and some sweet portraits in a field across the street followed by a simple cocktail hour.Day Two: A sweet and personal Ceremony, amazing attire, beautiful details and perfect party.

Euri + John {engagement session and wedding sneak peek}

We are off again to our last out of state wedding for 2011 on friday so I want to fill up the blog before we leave. Euri and John's engagement session was pretty awesome since a fireman offered to let us take pics with the truck! :) We have since shot their wedding as well and wanted to add in the sneak of it too. And they looked just as stunning on their wedding day and everything turned out beautiful. Enjoy the photos. Hopefully we will get one more post up before we leave... Lots of sneak peeks to show you...

Greg + Shira {engagement session and wedding sneak peek}

One word that comes to mind about these two... FUN!! and More FUN!! Both the engagement session and especially the wedding blew us away by how great these two are! We love them :) More wedding soon!